The Disneyland Gazette - Issue #87 (9/5/11)

The Headlines - Disney Did You Know? - D23 Expo: Day Two Recap (The Walt Disney Studios Presentation, Wandering the Show Floor, Disneyland Gazette Fan Meet) - Disney Song Selection


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Comments (4)

Said this on 9-6-2011 At 10:27 am

Great show this week! It was really interesting to hear all your thoughts, thanks for the updates. :)

Said this on 9-8-2011 At 08:27 am

I always think it's funny when people talk about "all those terrible direct-to-DVD sequels," because most of the time these same people haven't seen more than one, if any at all.  A lot of them are actually quite good.  Not better than the originals, maybe, but who would be silly enough to expect that?  Surely not even the filmmakers were going for that.  It's a different studio and a different market.

Also, did I hear you wrong or did Luke actually say Tim Burton, master innovator and visionary artist and continual out-of-the-ordinary filmmaker is "very cliché"?  This is one of the problems I have with this podcast sometimes...  People will occasionally speak very authoritatively about something they may or may not know anything about.  (It still annoys me whenever Luke slams the masterful The Hunchback of Notre Dame as if his opinion is indisputable fact.)  :/

Luke Manning
Said this on 9-9-2011 At 02:54 pm

Hey Drew,

My intention is never to slam or ignore others opinions. I'm purely stating my own opinion. I think Hunchback isn't really that good, so when it comes up in discussion, I mention it ;)

I never said he was very cliche (at least I don't remember saying that). I think that was just in reference to the relatively simple names of Sparky and Jack Skellington.

Kim Schroeder
Said this on 9-14-2011 At 07:11 pm


We always appreciate feedback, but please try to remember that this an opinion based show. We all say things that most certainly are not indisputable facts and that you may not agree with, but I assure you our intent is not to offend or anger anyone. Our opinions are just that- OUR opinions. Take them or leave them, I guess :)

I'd like to weigh in on the "direct-to-DVD" debate. The only movies of that sort that I've seen recently are the Tinker Bell series, which I quite like. As kid, however, I watched all of the "straight to home video" movies- Return of Jafar, the Beauty and the Beast Christmas movie, etc. I LOVED them as much as I loved the original, theatrical movie, simply because they contained my favorite characters. Nowadays, I'm not a huge fan of them for that very reason- the only thing they have going for them are the characters that were stolen from another movie. While the animation quality has improved over the years, I feel the "direct-to-DVD" genre seems to exist purely to make money off of the success of a previous film. That doesn't sit well with me- it kind of tarnishes the legacy of the original film. Bambi II for example- the original was a triumph of animation. Why did it need a sequel after 60 some years?

Again, this is my OPINION. Feel free to disagree with me- I'd love to hear someone's defense of the genre.

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