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The Disneyland Gazette - Issue #227 (12/13/17)

After a long hiatus, The Disneyland Gazette Podcast returns with an all new Star Wars and Starbucks! Kyle, Josh and Chris talk their anticipation for The Last Jedi, more Star Wars news, and of course, a little Starbucks thrown in for good measure!

EXTRA! EXTRA! Connie's Audio Tour of Disney California Adventure (8/24/17)

Join Connie for a wonderful audio tour of Disney California Adventure, starting off in A Bug's Land and then heading through the rest of the park. Close your eyes, and it might just feel like you're really there!

EXTRA! EXTRA! The Return of the Disneyland Railroad (7/31/17)

Join Connie as she takes a ride aboard the newly refreshed Disneyland Railroad, offering beautiful new vistas, narration, and even a change in the track layout!

EXTRA! EXTRA! D23 Expo Round-Up Supplemental (7/16/17)

The Disneyland Gazette returns! Join Luke for a look at all of the amazing new attractions and experiences announced for Disney Parks throughout the world at the 2017 D23 Expo. From Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge and Guardians of the Galaxy, to Ratatouille and TRON Lightcycle Power Run, there's lots of interesting new things to talk about!

The Disneyland Gazette - Issue #226 (3/16/17)

On this issue of The Disneyland Gazette Podcast, we welcome back Aaron Wallace to the show, as he talks about his brand new book, The Thinking Fan's Guide to Walt Disney World: Epcot. Aaron shares everything there is to know about his fantastic new book, looking at one of Disney's most impressive and important theme parks, including some unknown tidbits lost to history!

The Disneyland Gazette - Issue #225 (2/2/17)

On this issue of The Disneyland Gazette Podcast, Kyle shares his thoughts and experiences from his not one, but two trips to Hong Kong Disneyland within the last year! Is it really the small, half a day park everyone gives it credit for, or does this park have a little more magic to behold? Find out!

EXTRA! EXTRA! Main Street Electrical Parade Premiere Supplemental (1/20/17)

Join Connie at the premiere of the Main Street Electrical Parade, as it finally returns to Disneyland for the first time in over 20 years! Connie shares some fun and emotional clips from a very special evening!

The Disneyland Gazette - Issue #224 (12/23/16)

It's time for our somewhat annual Year in Review, this year looking at the 12 biggest happenings at the Disneyland Resort in 2016!

EXTRA! EXTRA! Festival of Holidays Supplemental (12/7/16)

Join Connie as she checks out the new Festival of Holidays at Disney California Adventure! Following that, we share some music featured throughout this great new festival!

The Disneyland Gazette - Issue #223 (11/30/16)

On this issue of The Disneyland Gazette Podcast, we throw things back with an archived episode. I share one of my favorite Disney holiday songs, and then we have Traditions, looking at the fantastic Viva Navidad celebration at Disney California Adventure!